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Obsessed: are you?
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Here is a neat test that I found surfing the net. If you answer yes to more than 3 questions you are seriously obsessed and I advise you to get some hep. Well, have fun anyway! Some of these might repeat themselves, but take no notice of it if they do!

These came off the internet:
1) You name your pet after a charater in th book
2) You know and can speak/write Elvish
3)You purchase Rogane to use on your feet
4) Someone calls you short and you tell them that even the smallest person can change the course of the future
5) You spend Winter days trying to walk on snow
6) You blame anything bad on the Ring
7)You are no longer allowed to go to the town park because you kept dropping down from trees exclaming ' You breathe so loud I  could have shot you in the dark'
8) go anyway...
9)You are savivg up for plastic surgery to get pointy ears
10) You attempt to create your own bow and arrows with a dal rod, rubber bands, and pencils
11) You have a LOTR website(um....guess I got that one)
12) You have a replica of the One Ring which you will not let anyone touch or even look at

13) You honestly wish you had pointed ears

14) You spend hours on the computer...............learning elvish

15)You know who shelob and Deathnor are

16) You cried when The Two Towers was over.  Right in the theater

17) You know what's special about "1296"

18) You know what LOTR,TTT,ROTK,FOTR, and Sil mean

19) "Lord of the Rings" is the magic word to get you in la-la land condition

20) You have a nickname from LOTR

21) You respond to it

22) You listen to the cast saying " Welcome to Lord of the" over and over.................

23) You write stuff like this

You know you're a Lord of the Rings freak when...
By Pippin Brook, Thinlomiel, and Samwise

  1. You want to name you kids Mirthrandir and Elanor. (Pippin and Eowyn work fine, too...)

  2. You know what's special about "1973".

  3. You know what's special about "3791".

  4. You can relate anything to The Lord of the Rings. Example: "Hey! I saw a tree that looked kind of Entish..."

  5. You know what LOTR, FOTR, TTT, ROTK, and Sil mean and use them often.

  6. It drives you crazy that you can't walk down the street for a Second Breakfast with your hobbit-friends.

  7. The only pictures in your room are of Lord of the Rings characters, or something Lord of the Rings-related.

  8. Everyone groans in agony if they see a picture of Elijah Wood when they're with you.

  9. You're counting down the days for the next installment of the movie trilogy.

  10. You've memorized parts from the book.

  11. You've memorized parts from the movie.

  12. You've memorized the elvish parts.

  13. You've memorized EVERYTHING that has to do with Tolkien!!

  14. "Lord of the Rings" is the magic word to get you out of your la-la-land condition.

  15. No one bothers to ask what you want for your Birthday or Christmas.

  16. You have a nickname related to the Lord of the Rings.

  17. You respond to it.

  18. You wish you had pointed ears.

  19. You can't say "yes" without ending it in "precious."

  20. You've named one of your pets after a Lord of the Rings character.

  21. You can't pass a day without dreaming about it.

  22. You squeal with joy whenever you see a comercial of the next installment, video release, or one of the actors from the movie on TV and turn the volum up. WAY up.

  23. If anyone shows the slightest insterest in it, you tell them the whole plot of the story in a split second.

  24. If someone shows no interest in it, then you either scream at them and tell them they're crazy or completely shut up, knowing everything you say has something to do with it and will annoy them immensly.

  25. You write out songs, poems, skits, and various other things about Middle-Earth.

  26. You write out stuff like this.

  27. You have competitions with friends to see who can come up with more modern world-Middle Earth comparisons

  28. You know (and can play) at least 1 track from a LOTR soundtrack on every instrument you play

  29. When a Cocker Spaniel named Pippin comes into the groomer's you work at, you overlook the fact that he's a vicious piece of work, you want to give him a bath so bad.

  30. In RE to 29... You want to go cry at your LOTR shrine when your mom picks you up from work early... so early you don't get to do Pippin.

  31. You listen to the LOTR cast saying "welcome toLord of the" over and over again.

How to tell if youre addicted to Lord of the Rings
By Nina Zalesak
  1. You have a replica of the One Ring which you will let no one touch or even look at, hanging around your neck every waking moment

  2. You honestly wish that you had pointy ears

  3. Your friends are very careful not to say the words, lord ring arrow sword ranger or possibly Orlando around you for fear of a long speech about the importance of each of these things in Lord of the Rings, such as-

  4. When you talk about something Lord of the Rings related, you get so excited that you cannot use whole sentences at a time, or you break into constant giggle fits.

  5. When your friend says something bad about Lord of the Rings, you kick them or throw them into a trashcan.

  6. After you threw them in a trash can, you muttered, fool of a Took

  7. You took those antique porcelain figures your grandmother gave you off of your display case and put your Lord of the Rings figurines there, instead.

  8. When your brother tried to touch a figurine, you broke into a violent rampage.

  9. You spend hours at a time online. Learning elvish.

  10. You know who Shelob or Denethor is and its not December of 2003 yet.

  11. You cried when The Two Towers was over. Right in the theater.

  12. When you had the stomach flu, you stared at the ceiling and wished Aragorn were there to make you feel better.

  13. Your dad, who hasnt even read the books, knows every line of the Fellowship of the Ring by heart from walking past you watching it over and over and over

  14. You find yourself writing 12 pages on the importance of Legolas in school instead of that 2-page essay for History thats due.

  15. You understand what tig or cup is, and you find it extremely amusing if someone says one of these words.

  16. You needed to buy new notebooks every two months in school because all of the pages were doodled on. See? Theres a giant spider. See it? And theres an arrow and a bow, and Look! Theres a hobbit!

  17. Your review of TTT got in the newspaper and you were convinced that the photographer that came to take your picture was related to Denethor.

  18. When someone tells you that you could actually be an author, you start thinking, Just like Tolkien!

  19. You think that Harry Potter is a baby book after reading Lord of the Rings a few times or more *ahem*

  20. When you listen to music other than Lord of the Rings related, you pick up on the slightest similarities between the two, and visualize the scene where that music was.

Ones that other people came up with: (if you would like to add one you came up with then tell me at )

24) You've barrowed your parent's wedding ring for your Frodo costume for the opening of the Two Towers.

25) In history class, instead of writing a 2 page essay on America, You wrote a 10 page essay on how Legolas shoots his bow.

26) You know and can tell people all the important dates in Shire history.

27) You can write elvish or dwarvish and write messages to your friends in the language!

28) You have memorized the Prologue by Gladriel and say it to people every time they start talking about Lord of the Rings.

29) you wish you had pointy ears sooo badly that you try to make them with bits of clay( basicly the same to the other 1 bout pointy ears but, i tried this 1 and thought it was important! lol!)
30) since reading class is sooo completley boring you draw bows and arrows and other LOTR koolie stuff like that

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